Catalan gourmet food, a growing segment

Catalonia offers a wide variety of gourmet products to delight the most selective taste buds. Christmas is the main time of year when these products really come to the fore. Wine, cava, dried sausages, foie gras, nougat, preserves, dried fruits, wafers, chocolate-covered almonds, chocolates and other cocoa-based treats are just a few of these products that are underpinned by tradition, craftsmanship, quality, innovation and exclusivity. Many play a central role in the meals we have with our families, friends and colleagues during the festive season. These foods are part of the fine food sector, which exports €2.74 Bn, amounting to 27.28% of total exports.

  • November 7, 2023
  • Fine food
  • Gourmet
Gourmet products are distinctive in terms of quality, packaging (which is more practical, elaborate, and even designer), creativity, and sales channels, which are more exclusive. The target audience is select, and has been growing in recent years.
Often linked to celebrations and all kinds of festive occasion, people now give this type of product as presents also. Indeed, more and more people are gifting gastronomy to their families and friends to be able to share unique, unforgettable times around a table, eating special products.

From Catalonia to the world

Ben fet! (‘Well done’) is a brand that gives recognition and support to Catalan companies committed to quality, their region, and good work, to raise awareness about eating local food and to promote businesses and help them to export their products. Chairperson Esteve Pintó describes it as an initiative to highlight Catalan products and raise their profile around the world as a whole. “We are endeavouring to take the Catalan brand of products and services to the international level,” said Pintó, adding that the aim of the project is for “companies here to gain more social recognition so that they can grow in their industry and become more international”.

Prodeca helps Catalan companies to participate in leading international trade fairs such as ISM, the world’s largest sweets and snacks show, which is held annually in Cologne.

Gourmet Cluster of Catalonia

The Gourmet Cluster of Catalonia aims to promote and contribute to competitiveness in the high-end Catalan gourmet food sector. It does so by creating an overall image of quality for the gourmet products under the Catalonia Gourmet brand, boosting internationalisation, innovating in value for the gourmet customer, and creating new direct channels with customers as well as attracting new consumers. The Cluster value chain includes raw material suppliers, packaging, processors, HORECA, distributors, retailers, cookery schools, universities and food technology centres, specialist media, and food industry services.

Its strategic axes are: positioning the Cluster and its brands as benchmarks in the sector; forging links to strategic sectors such as tourism and gastronomy, and promoting internationalisation and innovation. The Cluster primarily works on jointly promoting products on both local and international markets, and identifying and developing other joint synergies (distribution, sales network, joint innovation, shared export costs, training, market knowledge, etc.).

Haute cuisine at home

Fig confit with Marc de Cava liqueur, duck pâté with foie gras, salt with aromatic herbs and pepper, top quality llonganissa sausage, anchovy fillets in olive oil. These are just a few examples of premium products that you can taste without leaving the house and which will undoubtedly impress your guests.

The range of typically haute cuisine foods that you can buy is burgeoning, with options for all tastes and budgets.