Our Food and Wine

Our Food

Catalonia, Epicenter
of the Mediterranean Diet

Spain is currently ranked number 1 in the Global Health index, with catalonia playing a key role in this position. Several studies have proved that diet is one of the most important factors in this ranking.

The Mediterranean Diet is a valuable cultural heritage that has developed over the centuries into a balanced and healthy cuisine.

Pa amb tomàquet: one of the simplest, most well-loved, most widely eaten and most famous dishes from Catalonia. It pairs well with cured meats, delis, cheeses, anchovies and also chocolate.

From field to table, olive oil links our past to culinary innovation. As an essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet, traditional and avant-garde, raw or cooked, extra virgin olive oil guarantees taste, flavour and balance in our dishes.

A rich pantry

Catalonia is the region with the greatest biodiversity in Europe, due to its rich variety of climates and landscapes. It produces many products: olive oil, beverages, rice, fruit (oranges, peaches, pears, apples, cherries, strawberries, almonds, etc.), all kinds of meat, dairy products, fish, vegetables, etc.