The distinction

Catalonia will be the 2025 World Region of Gastronomy, a distinction awarded by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, and Tourism (IGCAT) to highlight and promote work to raise awareness about quality food and education for better nutrition and sustainable tourism.


Why Catalonia

Catalonia, with Barcelona as its capital, is a European region in the Mediterranean area, with its own culture, language and traditions.

The geography and history of Catalonia have shaped a lifestyle where food is a central part of Catalan culture and identity.


The land of Barcelona

Halal Certificaction: A Mark of Trust

Recognizing the growing demand for halal-certified products, Catalonia has taken significant steps to carter to muslim consumers worldwide. Numerous Catalan products have earned the GSO and SFDA halal certificactions, guaranteeing their adherence to internacional halal dietary guidelines..

Halal Catalunya: A Symbol of Excellence

The "Halal Catalunya" private certification mark further distinguishes Catalan halal products, symbolizing not only their compliance with muslim principles but also theri embodiment of Catalan culinary excellence. This marl serves as a testament to the region´s commitment to diversity, inclusivity, and the highest standars of food production.

Explore the Halal Delight of Catalonia

• Savor the succulent halal lamb dishes, slow-cooked to perfection with aromatic spices and herbes.

• Delight in the delicate pastries, filled with sweet or savory filling, som of them with legacy of Arabic culinary influence.

• Experience the freshness os locally sourced seafood, grilled or baked to retain its natural flavors.